I think the hardest thing is coming home and seeing you aren’t here. You were apart of the household for ten years, and now your just gone…I know you’re not gone but it’s weird not having you here. Passing by your room and it’s empty knowing you’re not there..I think that’s why I’m hesitant to sleep in my room. I know you would have been very estactic to have everyone there at your house, and have baby Sebastian you would love his laughs abuelita…te amo.

I become attached to people I shouldn’t.
I distance myself from the people who matter.
I am bad with people.
I am good at being alone.
But I hate being lonely.

P.P. (via ehaters)

I’m lucky, because I train in Waco, so there’s not much to do there but eat, sleep and train,
Sanya Richards-Ross 400meter Olympian (via sweetjuice-deeproots)